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The Story Behind the Dream

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

I can still remember the day walking around the city streets of Vienna. Coffee in hand to have some warmth from the crisp fall air. Still one of my favorite ways to enjoy fall. I had just seen a sign for a book by a Life Coach. I quickly put the info into google translate to make sure I had read the sign correctly. Having never spoken German before this I was bound to make a mistake translating. I was intrigued by the book and how she was talking about goals in a way that reminded me of mental health but was psych based. Immediately I knew this was going to be something different and that I was going to have to learn more.

I spent the next few weeks learning what life coaching really is. How its different from mental health counseling but how it can partner with it. And there in a little café the idea for Life of Bliss was born. Over the years I was thinking about what I could bring to my coaching. There are so many coaches out there for so many different topics from health to finance to business. I wanted to bring my mental health background to my coaching, seeing as I have a Social Work degree.

Maybe it was seeing my friends and classmates struggle with confidence or it could have been the time I spent working as a Case Manager with Domestic Violence survivors. The world needed more empowered women. To many women were tearing themselves down comparing themselves to other women, be it in a magazine or someone they know. Seeing this started so many conversations about why women feel this way, why do we allow it and how can we grow past this?

One recurring trend I found was women felt like they had to be perfect all the time. That is and never will be true. That’s just an unnecessary pressure that no one ever needs to put on themselves. So I started looking at how someone can reduce that pressure and anxiety. Like a lightening bolt an etiquette book on the bookshelf caught my eye. If you know all the tricks for eating at formal events or how to introduce yourself then you will feel more prepared. That alone will help reduce anxiety and boost your confidence and so Life of Bliss was born.

If you’ve read this far I’m guessing some part of this post resonated with you. So welcome to the page and my group to empower women, build confidence and bring back some simple traditions long forgotten.

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